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In case you hadn't heard, I'm performing part time (most Sundays) at NYRF this summer. I didn't post about last weekend, 'cause I was about eleven kinds of maudlin and weepy and really - who wants to hear about that? But I will say that Oso still completely loves me, so all is right with the world.

This past Sunday was a complete blast. Yes, the performance company continues to rock like a rockin' thing. But what rocked equally as hard? my new STRIPEY SOCKS! I wish I had a picture that I might show you the awesomeoness. One pair of red and white stripey socks completely set the tone of my day. I bought them early on, put them on, and then ran over to my ex-joust teammates. Bouncing up and down in place, I crowed, "I have STRIPEY SOCKS!" Nick blinked, then said, "Uh, you're five."

"I know!" I burbled. "But I have STRIPEY SOCKS!"

This carried over into the next CP set. After the first song, we announced ourselves per usual... and then I bounced forward and pointed out the socks. Later, I noted I'd never sung 'Henry Martin' while wearing STRIPEY SOCKS. Fortunately, the new hosiery did not impede my performance. Later still, when we sang 'A Pirate's Alphabet' and I was feeling ever-so-uncertain about the lyrics, I tapped into the power of the STRIPEY SOCKS to get me through the song.

And at pub sing, when the CPs were introduced, the STRIPEY SOCKS got another shoutout.

Honestly: I'm no longer young and cute, if I ever was. My voice continues to be what one might generously call 'passable.' If I have to work the socks to get through the day, you're darned tootin' I'm going to do so.

Oh, and Walk continues to garner the easy laughs. I think he needs a drum solo, and soon.
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