Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

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Shan's Mercy!

Hope all of NYRF had a brilliant opening weekend, all round. Hope there was a huge gate and brilliant sales and happy patrons and no injuries (I'm looking at you, Mr. N.F.).

For my own part, I had an absolutely lovely weekend. My abs are sore, my thighs sort of hate me, and heavens above know that my body is in complete and utter shock and denial as to how much refined sugar I have consumed over the last 48 hours.

Small matter. I have had starlight and sunshine and the scent of the breeze over a lake. I've had the whisper of the leaves and the warm, spicy aroma of horse and sawdust and hay.

I'm also a bit in love with a tall, handsome redhead whose canter is an utter delight.
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