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27 July 2007 @ 11:59 am
I haven't weeded my garden in almost two weeks. I could blame it on being busy or on the crazy amounts of rain we've had or I could suck it up and say I've been a slacker. Which I have. In those two weeks, all I've done is pop out and pick some beans and grape tomatoes - though, in the case of the latter, I missed a lot. My neglect hasn't done well by the squash, either. I've got three that are just too damned big and hard, and from what I've read that isn't good for the plant itself.

*sigh* Well, I did expect this first year was going to be all about the learning experience. Any actual produce is just bonus.

One thing that distress me is that my yarrow isn't very happy. I'm not sure what to do. After I finish weeding the veggies, I'll clip off the dead blooms, check for slugs (and set tuna-can traps if necessary) and give it a cheery pep-talk.

Speaking of weeding, I confess I enjoy it. There's something soothing in pulling out the intruders, in seeing the soil clear and loose in the beds. There's the scent of damp earth, of sage and basil and the spicy, bright green of tomato plants. There's the warm sunlight on the back of my neck and the tickling trickle of sweat along my spine. There's the whisper of a breeze in the trees, the thrum of a distant lawnmower, the insistent call of a cardinal from a pine branch.

Back to it I go.
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