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Well, I had to go to kickboxing tonight. Don called to tell me he went at 7 this morning; I had no excuse to back out of the 7 p.m. class.

I'm glad I went, but I'm a little bit alarmed: the class didn't kick my ass. Either the class wasn't terribly challenging or I didn't push myself as hard as I ought to have done. I know which it was, upon reflection, but no matter. I'm going at least twice more this week. I do not doubt I will sweat and grunt and ache the next day; it's all good. I did find my mind wandering at one point during class; I thought how cool it would be to train with Ted Grant. Then I started imagining why he would be telling me to do a particular attack combination, and wondered why he'd be training me to begin with, and whether I'd be a pity case or he'd be thinking, "Hey! She's JSA material! Get her a costume and a codename!"

'Cause I am an incomparable dork.

Also, I drew a little heart by Don's name on the day's class lists. hee!
Tags: comic books, kickboxing
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