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07 July 2007 @ 09:11 pm
I have three beefsteak tomatoes! They're wee and green yet, but I'm ridiculously excited that they're coming in. The first batch of beans should be ready for picking soon. I'm hoping more grow as I pick them, 'cause otherwise it's a rather lame harvest. My herbs (save for the thyme) are flourishing. The hot peppers continue nicely, but I'm not counting on the sweet peppers. Something is gnawing away at the leaves, and I've yet to see flowers, so... *sigh*

Since I was too trepidatious/ill prepared to grow veggies from seed, I bought all of my seedlings from a local nursery. Ditto for all of my flowers. Thing is, I ended up with a HEAP of plastic flats and containers languishing on my gardening table. Yesterday, feeling a little foolish, I called the nursery and asked if they wanted them back. To my delight, they said yes, they reused the containers. So, today I dropped them off... and bought another flat of flowers. I want to do something with the shady area near the defunct fire pit. This late in the season, it's easy enough to plant some shade loving flowers and save the real planning for next year.

But I did have an idea for the aforementioned defunct fire pit. I'd thought about installing some sort of fountain, but that's - oh, what's the word I'm looking for? - work. Instead, I thought I'd clean it out, put some pretty stones in the bottom, and set up a number of candles - votives and lanterns and the like. Could be rather nice.