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Don and I went to the garden center yesterday. Although I'm late in doing so, I wanted to plant flowers in my window boxes and I thought that if there were any vegetable seedlings left, I might as well put something in the bed that was a brief home to the poor, doomed strawberries. I'd already bought yet another hot pepper plant at the farmer's market (I don't recall what kind it is, but it has gorgeous black leaves, and apparently the pepper also grows in black and ripens to red) but one lone plant in the bed would just be too sad. One shopping spree later, three sassy little cucumber seedlings now keep the unidentified black pepper plant company.

As for my window boxes, I bought several flowers I don't know the name of without consulting the handy plastic tags. There are a couple I do know, and of those the Sweet William is dedicated to kelleymck. Now you really do have to come out and visit, Kel! Soon!

Book!Geek moment: I bought yarrow and planted it over by the T.A.R.D.I.S gym. Sure, it's pretty, all feathery fronds and red-gold blossoms and smells like mystery and autumn, but the real reason I bought it is because of Pamela Dean's Tam Lin. *

GeekTV!Geek moment: there's a section of statuary and fountains at the garden center. I thought I was fairly collected, and when Don wanted a closer look at one of the gargoyles I accompanied him without complaint. Even so, as we were leaving the area and heading over to the flowers, he grinned at me and said, "You're trying not to look away from them, aren't you?"



Curse you, Steven Moffat!

*not that I intend to use the yarrow to that purpose
Tags: books, garden, geektv
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