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29 June 2007 @ 06:37 pm

~My garden is flourishing! Well, some things are flourishing. Others, not so much. Others still are being eaten down to the roots, probably by a bunny (who, having helped itselt to most of my parsley, now has excellent digestion and fresh breath). I have two - TWO! - cayenne peppers which seem to have sprung fully formed from the plant. I've named them Athena and Minerva. There's a jalapeno beginning to form. Nothing on the sweet pepper plants, yet. Also? I have BEANS! They're teensy yet, just the beginning threads of beans, but beans they are. I hope the bunny doesn't fancy beans. My grape tomatoes are beginning to show the first blush of orangey-red. The summer squash is bloody well exploding; it is, far and away, the most exciting plant in my garden.

Now, I know I've said I'm a neophyte gardener. I've sort of stuck the plants in the ground and am trusting that they will, most likely, grow and yield vegetables. Yes, I weed and water and keep the soil nice and loose, but otherwise, I'm just too unsure of what I'm doing to fuss in the fear that I'll make things worse. Or kill them. Even so, you'd think I could bring some basic skill to bear, like, oh... reading. Reading the little tags that came with the seedlings, for instance. If I'd done that, I wouldn't have planted those adorable little squashlings so close together. I would have known that the tomato plants would get ever so tall. *sigh* I'd post a picture of the garden to illustrate my point, but the fact is I'm a bit embarassed.

~Underwear. Y'all have heard the 'I hate shopping' song so much, I shan't sing it for you again. However, I will do a wee happy dance over sucking-it-up and buying some undies. I reallyreallyreally needed them (you're better off not knowing how laughably shapeless and pathetic most of my undergarments are), and while I didn't get as many as I probably should have, I got some. I call that a victory. Bonus: they're wonderfully comfy and adorable: two pairs of hipsters, two pairs of boxer briefs, all sort of styled on men's underwear.

~Kickboxing. Once again, I've failed to meet the four-times-a-week goal I set myself, but that's okay. I'll get there, and in the meantime, thrice weekly isn't bad. Last night's class was a blast. My side kicks are getting better, and my roundhouses are, quite suddenly, GOOD. There's good height and good strength and when I'm throwing those kicks, I feel like Batgirl.

The weight loss has slowed - nay, stopped - and I've got a lot of toning to do in the midsection, but you know what? I have a nice body. There. I said it. My arms and legs are nicely shaped, and if it weren't for the psoraisis, I'd say I looked pretty darned good. I'm going to keep working, mind you, 'cause the classes are hella fun and I want to be strong and fit.

Pterry. I'm going to try to finish 'Making Money' this weekend so that Don can have it, but I'm loathe to read too quickly. In the interest of not Spoiling the Pratchett fans, that is all I will say.

Dani. A few weeks past, I wandered past the SciFi/Fantasy section at work and saw someone perusing the Discworld books. Naturally I stopped to put my oar in, and lo! the lovely young lady was someone I knew as a patron from Faire. We chatted a LOT, I rec'd some books, the conversation turned to Doctor Who... Well, she stopped back in this week to 1. say she loved the books I suggested (always a happy!) and 2. give me a T.A.R.D.I.S. t-shirt she'd made with a stencil from the BBC website. YAAAAAY! I am so buying her books the next time she stops in. I'm hoping she hasn't read the Megan Whalen Turner books; if she has, I'm giving her the Temeraire novels.

Don. We're coming up on ten years of marriage, here, and I can honestly say I am still completely in love with this man. He can sometimes be exasperating stubborn a bit of a challenge, but he's fiercely intelligent, wonderfully compassionate, funny, adorable, and sweet. I'm grateful for him, and I know just how lucky I am that he's in my life.

Doctor Who. Yep. I'm a geek.

I feel: contentcontent
Ea Quae Legiteaquaelegit on June 30th, 2007 06:01 am (UTC)
Doctor Who makes me happy, too. Last ep of the season, tonight!
(Anonymous) on June 30th, 2007 11:38 pm (UTC)
Happy Kellys make me happy. A whole big lot of happy.
Kel: Babs aloneladyjoust on July 1st, 2007 11:25 pm (UTC)
Glad to oblige. :)

And since you're showing as 'anonymous' and I'm a creature of curiosity, who is this?
curdnerdcurdnerd on July 1st, 2007 10:27 pm (UTC)
Can I give you shit?
Your garden needs cow manure, well rotted, lots of it as a top-dressing. BYOB (bucket, that is)
Kel: blue shutterladyjoust on July 1st, 2007 11:23 pm (UTC)
Re: Can I give you shit?
Seriously? That would be fantastic!