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Ugh. I’ve come to realize my body most emphatically does not like it when I don’t exercise. Last weekend, I only went to kickboxing on Saturday. Sunday was a bust since I didn’t get home until about 2:30 a.m., but hey - Girls’ Night Out trumps all. Tuesday was a drive-Mom-to-the-doctor day. Since her doctor is in New Haven, CT and I live in Warwick, NY, it was a bit of a haul, and I didn’t get home until nearly eight in the evening. Thursday... well, Thursday I was just lumpish. I really ought to have gone, since I’d noticed my weight was creeping up again. As a compromise, I got on the treadmill and alternated walking and running for 45 minutes and lo! the next day my weight started to settle and I felt considerably better.

The kicker, though, was when I finally went back to kickboxing yesterday after an entire week away. To make matters even more painful challenging, it was a Trish class. The weird push-up things made me want to weep, but otherwise I slogged along - barely. I do have to say her Stretch and Flex (a half hour session following class proper) was outstanding. It feels disloyal to say I liked it better than Angela’s, but there it is. Yet another kicker was then going back to kickboxing today. Fortunately, Liz is endlessly cheerful and positive. She’ll drive you like a drill sergeant, but she’ll be smiling and rooting for you every step of the way.

In non-kickboxing news, the Warwick Farmers Market has opened for the season!

The pickings were somewhat slim; it’s early in the season, and more vendors will be there as the weeks go by. That didn’t stop me from coming home with a full bag of goodies.

The haul: mixed salad greens, mixed sprouts (radish, mung bean and lentil), one red and one orange bell pepper (both particularly pretty), two tubs of BuddhaPesto (&hearts!), amaranth and garlic scapes.

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Gorgeous colours on the amaranth leaves:

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Garlic scapes just look like they'd be fun to eat. They're all, 'Wheeee! lookatusgo!'

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Alas, I hadn’t brought enough money to buy flowers or Bobolink cheese. Next time!

Lest you think I was slacking, the obligatory kitty pic: Jilly, since Z. tends to get so much more camera time.

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