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Here is why I suck:

I can not figure out my Nano. Earlier today, I had the podcast listing under genres (listened to an awesome interview with Geoff Johns. Life was good!). Now, that's vanished, which means the most recent 'Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me!' will not be available for my listening pleasure on the morrow. grawr. Even worse, the DW audio play I tried to upload is not showing up anywhere. Seriously? All I want to do is cry and make someone else fix it. Neither crying nor magical fix is really an option at this point, so all I'm left with is NO NPR podcast - no podcast of any sort, come to that - and certainly no Paul McGann telling me a story of the 1930s. I hate technology. I hate that I have no intuitive knowledge of said technology. I hate being so unbelievably lame.


ETA: I've tried. I really have. Just spent another ten minutes sorting through things that led to absolutely nothing. Apparently, I'm just fracking stupid. Any kind word, any attempt to convince me otherwise, will set me off into tears.
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