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21 May 2007 @ 04:56 pm
cheese sandwich™  
I have been a lazy kickboxing girl. I only went twice last week. Not to make excuses, but, well... here they are:

-Tuesday: I was coming down with a nasty cold. Nose so stuffed up, had a hard time breathing just walking around the bookstore. In class, I’m often gasping for breath when not congested. Went to pharmacy for Advil Cold & Sinus (DENIED!), settled for another medicine, went home and took a nap.

-Thursday: See entry from that morning. I did, in fact, get back to Warwick in time to go to class, but I was absolutely knackered from all that driving and so little sleep. I stayed home with my sweetie, had leftover Moroccan chicken and lentil stew and a glass of wine.

I did go both Saturday and Sunday. Angela taught both days, which was happy, even if she did insane amounts of ab work that left me shaking. I think I figured out why I like her classes so much, and am less fond of Trish’s. Both are good instructors. Both change up the exercises and combinations, both push you really hard. With Trish, though, it feels like she’s there to keep pushing you when (until?) you fail. Angela, however hard she presses, always seems to be pulling for you; she’s delighted when you succeed. That being said, I like classes with Trish a lot better now that I’m sloooooooowwwwwllllly getting into shape. She’s still intimidating. It is a bit of a salve that not only did she comment to me regarding the weight I’ve lost, she also said it to Angela, and remarked on how toned I’m getting. Somehow that’s even better: I’ve improved enough that she mentioned it to another instructor completely out of my hearing.

Since I ate badly last week (brownie sundae on Mother’s Day and, of course, the Cake of Fate two days later) I’m trying to be extra good for the remainder of this Diet (Four More Weeks). fmeh. We’ll see how that works out. I spent most of the day cooking (turkey-Bolognese sauce and pork stew with carrots and new potatoes for meals later in the week, chicken enchiladas for tonight) and putting together leftovers for lunches.

I will go to class tomorrow night. You may must all ridicule me if I do not.

oh, yeah. I broke 130 lbs* for the first time in... well, a really long time . so, yay! 5 lbs more for ‘reasonable goal’ weight, 10 more for ‘shoot for the moon’ weight.

*my weight fluctuates a few pounds, give or take, so I know I'll probably be back over 130 on any given day; still, I want to savour this small victory.
I feel: okayokay