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Guilty pleasure confession time:

Back in the eighties, there was a little show called Robin of Sherwood. I only saw a few episodes in its original airing, but completely loved it. So, now that it's on DVD, I've Netflixed the first season.

I'm midway into the third episode (or, rather, the second, since the first was a two-parter). My observations:

~Michael Praed is ridiculously handsome. Honestly. That jaw, those cheekbones, those eyes - they all manage to distract one from the quasi-mullet.*

-Judi Trott is a nice choice for Marian. Lovely, sweet, strong. To be fair, I haven't seen all that much of her yet, so it may tank from here. So far, though - very nice.

-The fighting is painfully uneven. Some people move quite well (Dude! Ray Winstone is Will Scarlet! I fully believe every frelling punch and slash.), others... oh, not so much. Praed isn't all that bad. Little John is all right. Aaaaannnnddd... that's about it. Nasir may be all right later on, but in the first two eps? fmeh.

-Every time someone releases an arrow, they pull the bow string. Which would totally fuck with their aim, so what the hell? It was making me crazy during the archery contest. Even in the opening credits, I just want to shake PraedHood until his quasi-mullet is mussed and he's all glassy eyed. Then I'd hug him, 'cause, as I mentioned, he's beautiful. And I bet he'd smell nice. But then I'd pull it together and have serious words with him over the 'plucking at the bow string' madness.

-Much the Miller's Son is the 80's equivalent of MovieRonWeasley. Red haired and adorable yet quirky looking, his main contribution to the action is whimpering and making all manner of faces.

-Clannad's music is spotty. Some of it is wonderful. Some of it is... well, maybe it's just dated. Maybe in 1984, it spoke to the viewers.

-There are more gratuitous shoulder rolls than I've seen anywhere outside of a NYRF chessboard fight. It made me giggle, though, and sort of made me love the merry men that much more.

*Oh, 1980s! What where you thinking?
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