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25 June 2003 @ 12:23 am
random, rambling  
I am just frelling exhausted. Add to that a strange, though rather good Wench rehearsal tonight, as well as the consumption of sugar, to which my body is (of late) unaccustomed and reading the penultimate scene in the new HP book on the train ride home...

*sigh* I am drained. I have an intense fight rehearsal tomorrow night and I am NOT ready for it. I am disheartened by same.

I want to be a good writer. Better than good, even, and I know that's presumptuous and absurd but I can not help but hope. And dream. I want to be talented at this one thing... is that so much to hope for? *grumble,grrrr* Apparently, according to the editors at 'MrphleHmpsh' publishers.

On the plus side, Alen has his joust horse, and so far she's an absolute dream and a complete sweetheart. So why am I cranky-jealous instead of completely happy for him? *boots self in tuckus* I hate me in this mood.

Ick. I did warn of the rambling nature!
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I feel: numbnumb
I hear: "Stock Block Tango," orig. lyrics by Cat