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bah. My glee of a few days past - that of significant weight loss and serious body toning - was but an illusion. The truth of the matter is that I am bloated and heavy and discontent. stoopid body.

I almost didn't go to kickboxing tonight. I was so damned tired, I took a fifteen minute catnap (complete with cats!) to try to get some modicum of energy before dragging my exhausted self to class. To my delight, Renata was teaching. She's a world of happy packed into a mere 5'7" frame.

A few things of note:

I was the first one there. Shortly after I arrived, three of the regulars came in, and one (Sue, who I may have mentioned in an earlier story, and if not - oops! my bad) claimed me as a partner on the off chance we might work with the BadAss Mittens later on. Bit of a gift, that, since I always feel like a tool when it comes to partnering. I've been going for four months, but I still don't know a lot of people, I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing and I am still, and ever will be, horribly fracking shy.

I used a hanging bag instead of the standing water-base bag tonight. Scary, mainly because it meant I wasn't hiding in the corner. Also, the movement of the bag seriously screwed up my side kicks (of which we did seven gajillion tonight), and made me feel completely inept. Hapless, even. But it was good for the punches (final count: two gajillion), and my roundhouse kicks were actually ok - decent power, decent height - until we did the 'as many as you can do in fifteen seconds' drill on each side. Yeah. Not so much with the pretty.

We did, indeed, end up using the BadAss Mittens, and I have to say I was delighted not to have to partner-search. The exercises were particularly tough. One involved rapid, hard-as-you-can-hit jab/cross combos, only on Renata's signal you'd move to the next person holding the pads. This cycled through so you attacked everyone holding pads, ending up with your original partner for a final flurry. To my delight, Sue told me I hit the hardest (except, perhaps, for Blaine, but my focus is better. yay!). *side note: I think I scared some of the people with my fierce 'grawr!' face. Also, I make noise when I hit things, especially when I'm flagging. No doubt they all think I'm a wee bit of a freak*

Another exercise was a simple right hook, left hook, followed by bringing first the left and then the right knee up sharply against the pads. For an extra challenge, Renata suggested doing the knees as one quick move with a jump. "Yeah, right!" I muttered, and then proceeded to do it that way. Most people didn't. I have to admit I was pretty springy (probably a profligate waste of energy, but hey - it's not as if I'm actually fighting another person); Renata told me I was the Energizer Bunny. It's silly how happy that made me.

So, in nutshell I am: not as thin as I'd thought I was, nor as fit, but a decent partner and energetic even when exhausted. I'll take it, and keep shooting for better and better.
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