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The nigh-on unthinkable has happened, folks...

I've detailed here how much I loathe shopping for myself, and probably most of the 'why' thereof. With that in mind, I have no idea how or why I spent fourteen entire dollars on the following:
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Well, I have some idea:

how: I was shopping for something to supplement my outfit for the EProm (to no avail, dammit), and stopped in at H&M. Saw the following. Tried it on, paid for it.

why: skull & crossbones! a short, flirty piratey skirt! since I am, apparently, the Perky Pirate, it seemed apt. Plus, it was on clearance, even though it was above my usual $10 maximum. Too, H&M sucked me in with their flattering (if misleading) size labels. The 8 was too big; I had to take the 6. There is no way on this good green earth that I am a 6, but I want to believe there is the chance...

Now that the purchase-afterglow has faded, I still feel awkward and self-conscious and Not-Size-Six. And I'm not sure what to wear with it. It's fitted snug from waist to just below hips, then it flares out (which, to my mind, makes me look boxy, but hey: skull and crossbones skirt! I'll find a way to make it work). I was thinking black tank top or t-shirt. Yes? No? Those of you who actually have some fashion savvy, please: help!
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