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update, Part the First:

Work on Thursday was notable in that we had a group of sixth graders from Greenwood Lake visit the store. This is an annual event: the class does a read-a-thon, wherein they’re sponsored for the number of books they read. Once the reading is done and the money collected, they come on a field trip to our store. The rules are simple: purchase one book for the school library, and the rest of the money may be spent on whatever books they want. Normally, the CRM reads to them before sending them out to shop. Thing is, I’ve been doing so many school group chats (to sixth and eighth graders, primarily) of late that I have a pretty good spiel going, and so it was determined that I would talk with the group (read: pimp a whole lot of awesome books to impressionable young minds) in lieu of a ‘storytime.’

It was fantastic.

At one point, I was the Pied Bookseller. While showing a girl to the front of the store to find the book her dad had asked her to pick up, I turned around to see eight or ten other kids trailing behind, all throwing out questions as we walked. I pointed them to their quarry or promised to look up the title they sought, suggested books to those who asked for recommendations... yeah. Love doing this. Even more wonderful, I ended up chatting with one of the chaperone, an 18 year old who was there along with her little brother, for a good long while. She noted that I was gushing over the same books she loves to read and so we ended up playing the “OMG isn’t that BRILLIANT - what else do you love?” game for a while. Extra awesome points were awarded when she mentioned she was purchasing the book for her brother to donate to the library so that he could spend all of the money on books he wanted for himself.

As a point of amusement, when I was selecting books that I was going to discuss with the visiting class, I was interrupted by a customer. I was all ready to be cranky (dude, I’m working here!), but it was one of our regulars, and she’s a sweetheart. “Anything new that my daughter might like?” she asked, and then she turned to her friend and said something like, “Kelly is amazing. I completely trust her opinion.” Then, when I was talking about some of the new things I’d been reading, “See? She talks about the quality of the writing.” hee.

Kickboxing was a little wonky this week, if only because I deviated from my usual schedule. Usually, I go Tuesday-Friday-Sunday. Because of Easter, however, there is no class this Sunday (tomorrow), which meant I had to go Saturday instead, which meant I couldn’t go Friday because I need twenty four hours - minimum -recovery time. (On a side note, I can’t fracking wait until I’m fit enough to go to class two days in a row. Really. This is just embarassing. And disheartening. More on that later.) I ended up doing Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. Both weeknights were Blaine classes, which was fine. I’m used to his style now, and I think that he likes having me in his classes because 1. I focus and work really, really hard and 2. I’m married to Don, who he clearly likes a lot more than me. Story of my life! Today, Angela led what is usually Trish’s class. We found out later that she’d had a super-mega energy drink before teaching, and Holy Crap, did it show. It was probably the most challenging class I’ve yet had. Lots of squats (of course; after all, I rode on Friday. I wonder if Jeanne calls them to let them know? :P), lots and lots of roundhouse kicks, a million and seven push-ups (at which I still suck, though marginally less), a series of mountain climbers that nearly sapped my will to carry on, and a brutal (yet awesome) series of ab work.

After, I attended the nutrition meeting that should have been part of my initial ten-week course. No worries; I’m just doing the dietary aspect of it now. She went over the info, and it’s pretty straightforward. Mostly stuff I’m already doing - or know I ought to be doing - with some exclusions. Most notably, no brown rice for ten weeks. I could weep. It’s close kin to the South Beach Diet, so I have a fair amount of recipes at the ready. The most difficult part will be writing down what I eat and when I eat. Bleargh. Monday will be day one of week one. Wish me luck!

Next Thursday is also the kickoff for the six-week challenge I mentioned in an earlier entry. I’m actually looking forward to getting started with that - except they’ll be measuring my body fat, and I absolutely dread hearing that number. I’ll keep y’all posted, though... why should I suffer alone when I can drag you along with me?
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