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02 April 2007 @ 07:04 pm
part cheese sandwich ™ ,part musing  

On the It’s Exciting to Be a Homeowner front, we got a new garage door! WOO! The garage is connected to the basement, and has been used as a workshop-type-space since, years and years ago, the driveway was rerouted to the back of the house. Between age and the fact that we’re in a Frankenhouse and all the dampness and the fairly recent excavation (for septic and drains), the old garage door was falling to bits. Now that the basement is dry (and yes, I did the I.E.t.B.a.H. happy dance for that one; I still get warm fuzzies just thinking on it), Don has started to reclaim it as a workable space. We have our heavy bag in the old garage, and we’re able to use the basement proper for storage. Seriously. The mind boggles. Anyway, Don took Tuesday off and was witness to the slapstick stylings of the installer. To be fair, it really was just the deal with his truck - he drove it across the mud, sallying forth even when he began sinking until he was well and truly stuck up to the axles. The actual installation was excellently done, and our new garage door is sturdy and functional and one can no longer see daylight at the top of the frame. Or the bottom. Or one side. In a word: shiny!

Since Don was home, and since he’d been unable to attend Sunday’s class (stoopid head wound), he went with me to kickboxing. It was a particularly fun class; not many people in the group, and though I felt - as always - that I might very well fall face-first upon the floor in a weak, quivering heap, I managed to avoid that indignity. I even did fairly well with the Badass Mittens; Don and I were paired up, and he complemented me on my punches. hee!

Wednesday and Thursday were work work work and little else. Friday, I got up early to take Trish’s class, which I liked more than I expected. The series of push-up exercises followed by endless one-legged squats was tough, but I muddled through. The speed rounds were awesome, as we started with roundhouse kicks all along the hanging bags - one on each bag, all the way down the room, twice through, then switch to the other side. My kicks are slowly slowly slowly improving. After that, I grabbed a bite to eat, did some chores and went to Argus. C. was going up later in the day, so I just helped Alyssa with stalls, swept up, and went home to attack the laundry and then head to rehearsal in NJ.

Saturday was eaten up by Mr. Pivarnik’s ceilidh. Bit of a hike to Bridgeport, but fully worth it. Lovely party, great folks, and hey! I got to see two full sets of Three Pints Shy! And the CPs debuted seven new songs, all of which went well. And I got to Yo ho! at the beginning of Drunken Sailor ‘cause Lionel was a bear of very little voice.Yes, for one shining moment, I was one of the Special People. Glory shall fade, but the memory lives on.

Sunday was kickboxing again (look at me, getting my three days in!) I was still crazy sore from Friday and briefly considered backing out. Then I thought, “I just remembered! I’m twenty pounds overweight! and so I dragged my sorry butt out of bed. There were only five people in class, and three of them were guys. Strange days, I tell you. Angela was teaching, and I totally dig her classes (I mentioned that after, and she was so delighted she gave me a hug, which in turn made me giggle ‘cause really? I’m saying how much I love being driven into the dirt and panting and wheezing and feeling like I might hurl - and meaning it. This class is scary addictive. I can’t even tell you.) and we worked every single second. Don signed up for the monthly rate (if he goes three times a month, it’s more than paid for itself), so it looks like we will have a standing Sunday morning date. Nearly ten years’ married and the romance is still there.

After class, I went up to Argus once more. a. was already there on Oso; D & R were there tending to their girls. The farrier came to take a look at Fortune, so that ate up most of R’s day. A and I were going to take turns on Boo (when we went to fetch her from the field, she trotted away, as she will do, but then stopped after about half a dozen steps and waited for me to come up to her. “Hey, Oso’s Rider - I had to make a token effort.”) but Dante was screaming pitifully toward the ring (and Oso), so I brought him in as well. Of course the moment I did, the barn was full of horses: Money (gorgeeeeeeeeous stallion; oh how I covet!) had finished working, Fortune was at one end being shod, Boo needed a space, two ponies were being readied, and a. had brought Oso in that he (a., not Oso) might take a break. Alyssa suggested I take Oso back up and work him a bit (the boy’s a bit out of shape... and when I say a bit, I mean REALLY soft and pudgy *sigh*). I popped Dante into a stall and took Oso back to the ring. He was NOT happy about that. First of all, he’d been back to the barn - he thought he was done for the day. Secondly, he doesn’t like to be up in the ring alone. Once I managed to lead him up there (had to tap his ass with a crop for every single fracking step), he was distracted, shying away from the sight of people in the distance, not paying attention to where he was stepping... Normally, Oso will go for me whether I’m in spurs or not (I really used the spurs to keep him on the rail when he was inclined to drift). On Sunday, I worked for every bit of energy he gave me. It was better when we cantered, but trotting was... yeesh. I could have used the crop, but I should be better than that (perfectionist much?), and so my kickboxing-sore legs got an extra workout right there.

a. eventually came back up. I handed over the chubbiest joust horse and went to get Dante. A. had groomed him, which was lovely, so I just had to do his feet (the mud was packed in to the consistency of cement granite diamonds. yeesh!) and tack him up and lo, A. and I were off to the ring! Alyssa was doing a lesson, and one of the other girls was gently working a pony that had been kicked the day before. Now, some of you know that Dante likes to spin and move about when you try to mount. I could have taken him to the fence to inhibit this movement, but hey - I’m stubborn. I managed to get my left foot in the stirrup and was just about to swing up when me moved; I hopped on my right leg, toe barely touching the ground, calf muscles straining until something went *plib!* and there was a lot of OW. I swung up anyway, tried to stretch a bit, and then just worried about riding time.

About my riding: I used to be good. I used to be quite good. I was mostly self taught, but when I was in high school, I finally took lessons. The competitive aspect was never for me, but I loved schooling and I loved being not-unaccomplished. Years later, when I started to ride again while joust-training, I got some of that back - not all, but then joust-riding is a different kettle of fish from English equitation and show jumping. The reason I mention this is because on Sunday I was riding a horse that has vastly different cues and responses from the horse I’m most familiar with, and any finesse I’d learned is long since lost to the mists of time - and I was riding this horse in the ring while a very fine rider was giving a lesson, and giving corrections and tips to the other riders, too. When I heard her call out to me as I cantered Dante around the ring, I got panicky. “What?” I squeaked. “That looks good,” she replied. And suddenly I desperately want to be a good rider again - hell, I want to be fantastic.

I rode without stirrups for a while (oh, how my thighs hate me today!), worked on getting my post back (you do NOT post while jousting or doing games; it makes the equipment bounce all over) and, most importantly and gratifyingly, began relearning how to really ride Dante. The arrival of rain cut off our ride, but that’s okay. I probably would have ridden until my thighs seized up. I don’t think I’ll be able to ride again until Friday (which is supposed to be cold, dammit!), but I’ll likely be able to make Sunday, too. Funny. I didn’t know how much I missed this, how much a part of me riding is, until I finally had it back.
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Jobs, baby, Jobs!: Claude Reignspicoland on April 3rd, 2007 10:41 am (UTC)
hmm missed the celtic flingading. foop. please keep your sched open Mid may if you can.
Nim: owlnimue9 on April 3rd, 2007 01:27 pm (UTC)
*blinkblink* There was a ceili in Bridgeport, with Three Pints Shy and the Crimson Pirates?! Darn me for actually being in Ireland! Will it happen again?

Also, I just have to say how much I admire you for all this kickboxing stuff...I'm horrified every time you talk about how you feel after class, and I hope one day I'll have the kind of get-up-and-go you've got in spades!
Cattomincloset on April 3rd, 2007 03:54 pm (UTC)
I am up for a ride Friday even if it is cold, though I'm not sure when. And I will be there Sunday...you don't have Easter things? If not, I'll see you there then too!
CAPTAIN FERNANDO"THE ROVER"BLACKwyrdcousin on April 3rd, 2007 07:20 pm (UTC)
a few of sunday's pics you might like
a little dark but i really hate blinding people with the flash