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warning: random blithering ahead

I had every intention of writing up a somewhat coherent entry about the events of the past few days. heh. Call it another brick on the road to hell.

Took Mom to her consult at Yale/New Haven's Dermatology clinic. Set up the appointment for surgery in mid-May. Had a lovely late lunch/early dinner back in Brookfield. Wonderful to see Mom and Dad, good to know Mom's procedure is same-day and very, very thorough (and everyone at the medical center was just lovely), bah!!! to so much damned time in the car (from my place in NY to where my folks live in CT, then to New Haven, then back to my parents' town, then home again). I got home too late for the kickboxing class.

Argus Farm! Hung out waiting for J. to return, then went down to start cleaning stalls with C. Mud + wonky wheelbarrow = a world of suck when heading to the manure pile. We managed - inventively - and then swept up and fetched in Shadow and Oso, the most wonderful joust horse in the world. We waded in through a sea of mud; fortunately, Oso gave me no troubles. I've found that tucking a carrot in my pocket works wonders. I also like to think that Oso loves me, and would come with me regardless of the promise of food. **please don't burst my fragile little bubble** While we were grooming, it began to rain. Then it stopped. Then, it started again. Fortunately, by the time we were ready to go, the weather seemed to have made up its mind to just be grey and threatening without actually following through. Still, the ground was so mucky that a trail was not going to happen. We rode in the ring - marginally better, but at least it was time in the saddle - before just hanging out on horseback, chatting. It was happy.

I headed home in time to go to kickboxing... only to have the Cleaners start working their way through my system an hour before class was due to start. So, I only went twice this week, and I'm bloated and uncomfortable and emotional enough to feel all kinds of awful about my body and my lack of fortitude.

~Saturday (that's today!)
I awoke early (cramps are teh Suck). My day was dedicated primarily to Laundry - the cleaning and folding and storing thereof. I reorganized my dresser drawers and my closet and culled several items I am never going to wear, ever, and put them in a bag to give to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or one of those clothing bins I see in certain parking lots. Don, whose day was given over to a massive cleaning of the basement, had a bit of an Adventure. Let me just say that 1. his tetanus shot is up to date, 2. having such a low ceiling in our basement sucks, and 3. it's a good thing I'm not freaked by the sight of blood.

Later, I got it into my head to make Teriyaki Chicken Wings for dinner. I used to get the frozen from Trader Joe's and they were Awesome. Alas, TJ's no longer carries this item. I found a likely recipe that didn't require an overnight marinade (I wanted them NOW, dammit!), only to realize that I didn't have soy sauce. Could've sworn I did, but hey... I'm old and forgetful. I made a special blasted trip to the grocery store. Shortly after I arrived home, I found a full fracking bottle of soy sauce in the door of my fridge. grawr!!!

But the wings were yummy, and the creamy balsamic coleslaw was brill, and we watched 'Monster House' which, while very good and completely entertaining, was also wrong because it was very, very scary and it also made me cry.

So... yesh. Kickboxing tomorrow morning for certain, cramps be damned.

And also: waffle.
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