Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Driver's License Renewal, NJ style...

... that is, SUCKY.

I posted this on Sheroes as well, since I felt the need to spew. It rightly belongs here, and so I will post it. Lookit me! Not a word in ages, and today I'm downright chatty!

Y'know, I recall the not so far distant days when one could simply go into the DMV with their soon-to-expire driver's license, hand over the fee and get a new unflattering picture taken. Somewhere between ten and thirty minutes later, a new license would be in hand. Piece o' cake.

Not so in Glorious New Jersey! It may be in response to accusations that NJ's government has not 'done enough' to counter the Terrorist Threat, or it may just be that NJ and its Department of Motor Vehicles is an enormous pain in the posterior*, but whatever the motivating factors, the new license renewal system is a trial.

Upon renewing your driver's license, you must now present a total of six points of valid identification. This must include at least one primary document (ie, a birth certificate, military id, current passport, etc.) and at least one, but not more than two, secondary documents (social security card, current driver's license, medical insurance card, etc.) You can see the list of all the accepted documents here, if you are interested:

Maybe I'm wrong to be so prickly about this. Maybe there is a real, valid threat that they are eradicating with this sudden overweening vigilance. I don't rightly know WHY my back is up over this. I guess I feel like I'm being punished, somehow. Like I'm untrustworthy. Underhanded.

There is this, too. When I finally read the paperwork they sent with my renewal form (and I only did that after someone else told me what it was about; I assumed it was about new vanity plates, per usual), I realized that the pertinent documents I needed were all filed away together, in a single envelope, so that they might not get scattered... and I had NO IDEA where the frell I'd put said envelope. I found it in good time, and my license is now renewed for another four years. As they didn't tell me to smile, I stare, somber, from the laminated card. And I wonder, "What did I do that they need my #$%*@ marriage certificate?"

*no surprise there - when I switched my license from CT to NJ, they made me take a written test first. And I got to pay fees for the privelege of doing so!
Tags: driver's license, grawr
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