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to balance last post's angst

I stopped at our local hardware store to pick up some paintbrushes. Now, this is a friendly establishment. They always have whatever we need, and very often the item is on sale. They're nice folks and - best of all - they have cats. There are three that I know of, one of which (an ancient calico) is always curled up in a box on the counter. She'll wake up long enough to acknowledge your skritches, maybe purr a little, and then tuck her nose under the tip of her tail and fall back to sleep.

Today, when I walked in the front door the Ancient Calico was walking across the floor. I wanted to stop and skritch her, but she didn't seem remotely interested, and so on to the paintbrush aisle went I. I bent down, one knee to the floor, to peruse the less pricey brushes when lo! I had a lapful of Ancient Calico cat! She stood to drape her front half over my right thigh and butted her head against my right arm, purring all the while. Naturally, I stayed in that crouch, skritching and telling her how sweet she was, for a full five minutes. I would have stayed longer - who was I to gainsay affection offered so freely? - but she decided that I given her due homage. She allowed me to stand, twined about my ankles and then politely saw me to the register.

Kitty love is a very powerful thing.
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