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I’ve been terribly lax about writing of late. Life marches on, and there are moments of note I’d like to share, but I’m just a bit... bleargh.

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely fjordhopper and her sweetheart of a husband, picoland came to dinner. The latter wins at life because he bought me made a delivery on behalf of a certain Doctor, and I am now possessed of an entire box of Jelly Babies. We all went to Forest of Fear which was KICK ASS, and if you’re in the area and have not yet gone, what the hell is wrong with you? Ginormous thanks to vampcurse, screamingdolai and tomincloset for the comps! The House was really scary (yes, I know I’m the worlds biggest wimp, but Don jumped a few times, too (which is saying a lot!)). The ghoul group was genius, as always, and sounded fantastic.

This weekend past, the Crimson Pirates performed at the closing weekend of the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Don and I drove down on Friday. What should have been a four hour trip took over six. Traffic was downright hideous. We made it at last only to find that the hotel room we’d been promised (double bed with the possibility of upgrading should anything become available) had transformed into a single bed with a roll-in shower. Not what one wants to hear after a cranky-making car ride. The hotel staff took care of it, though, and so we were able to score a king-size (with, I might add, a fixed shower).

It was odd to be performing after our Summer Off. Or, as the CPs started calling it, ‘Shore Leave.’ I’m usually a damned sight skinnier. As it was, I’ve dropped a few pounds since I last squeezed myself into the black bodice; I’m going to need to tighten the sides again (woot!), though not as much as I’d like (*grumble*). Still, what care I? I had Happy Muppet Hair! Yes, I bought those yarn hair thingies (what are they called, anyway?); I wasn’t sure how I ought to wear them, so I ended up twisting a bit of hair on either side of my head, just behind the temples and then looping the Happy Muppet Yarn Hair Thingies over that. It was a bit Sailor Moon, but hey... what care I?

This was the first year I’ve really felt comfortable at MDRF. I’m not sure why that is. Everyone has always been very welcoming, but this year was different. Maybe it’s merely due to not having performed in so long. Maybe it’s my own insecurities finally settling down a bit. Whatever the case, it was a blast. We had four sets. The White Hart was fine, but the Boar’s Head and the Fortune Stage sets both needed retooling. They were much better on Sunday. O’Shucks was fabulous both days. And a momentary shoutout here for shooters. Shooters are just plain fun. They come in two varieties: raw oyster in bearably hot sauce and cooked shrimp in very hot sauce. Both come with a wee beer chaser. Now, I’m not good with spicy stuff, but I don’t like oysters. What Don and I do is get one each of the oyster and shrimp, then switch it about so I end up with shrimp in the bearably hot sauce and he has his oyster in a wee pit of flame. The genius of shooters, for us, anyway, is twofold. 1 - the hot sauce cuts through the crap on your chords AND stimulates saliva. Much with the happy for singing. 2 - they’re only a dollar. That’s right, one dollar gets you an oyster or shrimp shooter with a beer chaser. SWEET!

And speaking of happy food type things, we did have pork chop on a stick on Saturday, and it was absurdly wonderful. I don’t know what the heck they do to the chops, but they are astoundingly tasty. Sunday was Crab Cake sandwich day for us; it was a teeny crab cake but yummy, and though folks were offering cookies and brownies and other such treats, I did not partake. So, though I didn’t lose weight this weekend, neither did I gain.

The music was, as usual, fantastic. I totally reverted to seventeen year old hormone girl upon seeing Cercamon. I admit it: they’re adorable. What really got me though is that they’re entirely kick-ass musicians. Yeep! caragana_leaves, you need to check these guys out!

Then, too, there was Gypsophilia. They were a lot of fun. Their fiddle player is talented and very, very lovely, and their drummer is mesmerizing. He’s really damned good.

Then, of course, there’s the MDRF house band (and collaborator on one of the songs on the latest CP CD) The Pyrates Royale. I only got to see one of their shows (delightful!), but we all bounced about and did songs with the two groups merged (we did that with another group, too, on ‘Bonnie Ship the Diamond,’ but I am horrified to admit I don’t know the group’s name!).

Our set on the Fortune Stage followed hard on a Robin Hood kid’s show, so for Sunday’s performance R. tailored the set to up-tempo, kid-friendly sing along type songs. And Barrett’s Privateers, which has a chorus that includes the phrase, “God damn them all.” R. didn’t think of that until RIGHT BEFORE she was about the sing the song. She panicked a little and hastily informed us of a last minute change in lyrics. Let me tell, you, it just doesn’t pack the same punch when you’re singing about sea battle and skulls being bashed in and double amputation and the like when you’re punctuating it with “Oh darn it all!”

One of the very happy moments of the weekend was that I got to meet thatwasjen, who is fully lovely in all ways. Thanks for poking us in the Pub Sing direction we needed to go!

I’m sure I’m missing any number of anecdotes, but then I’m old and forgetful. I can always add them later.
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