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There's a 'friendly' little competition on the NYRF performer board. C. Decided that we needed to get behind an English Premier League football team. I came to it late. Don just edged me out with the team I'd wanted (Wigan, 'cause it's got an adorable name), so from the lot that was left I chose Middlesbrough. I know their prospects aren't terribly shiny, but I rather like underdogs.

Today, MIddlesbrough schooled Chelsea. Woot! Mind you, I only caught the highlights at the end of the game; I've yet to see the entire match and thus my use of 'schooled' may be premature. Still... I expected my team to lose full out. Mostly because I'd chosen them. Any victory is worthy of glee. There may even be cavorting.

hmmm.... I think I need to make a Boro icon. 'Cause it's growly and sticking its tongue out at the cold, cruel world.
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