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Went to NYRF at last. In a nutshell:

First time in ten years (yes, I’m old; let us move on) as a patron.

It was delightful to see shows (holy CROW, the Mud Show fully rocks! likewise Wyrd Sisters (POTC2 parody=OMGYAYSQUEE!!) and the Wenches and the Village Idiots and SPLAT!) and have the chance to shop (okay, not so much with that, but I will next time, I promise! avhi, I desperately desire a drop spindle (and the free lesson *kthxsplz* and yummy, YUMMY yarn!!! (and your shop is just beautiful and fully unique; I suspect you’ll kick some serious ass this summer)). I got three roses: one from my own darling dearest barleymash, one from the wonderful wench18 (SEKRIT MESSAGE: you are astoundingly adorable. Just sayin’) and one from my friend and my partner (even though I’m not jousting), Gisbourne. The receipt of each made me cry. Kelly=big frakkin' SAP.

Yes, I had my moments. I got a bit weepy when I hugged certain people. The second joust was hard. (thank you muchly to aranturas and kelleymck, in particular, for accepting that I’m just a bit of an eejit).

So many folks came up to me with hugs and kisses. So many said they’d noticed Don and I weren’t there. Now, I know no one is irreplaceable. Still, it is awfully nice to know that there are folks that miss us.
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