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12 August 2006 @ 01:46 pm
It's that time again!

Zinda is huuuuuge! We let her out of Don's office when we're home. She races around like a crazy thing, climbs all over the couch, slides off of tables and is generally full of kitteny goodness. The other cats still aren't too keen on her, but there is some progress. At first, they would hiss and/or growl at Zinda and then run off and hide. Now, they're venturing out a bit more. This morning, Isabeau was sitting on top of some boxes in the living room. Zinda came over and sat beneath her. Isabeau growled but stayed where she was for a few more minutes. Then, she ran off and hid.

Jilly has made some strides, too... but I get ahead of myself. I shall let the pictures tell the story.

Not part of the story; just cute:
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I'm in the kitchen, here. The screen door is to my left, and along that same wall are the big kitties' food and water bowls.
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Zinda decided that climbing the brand new screen door would be a good idea. I disagreed.
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"Um, Zin? Looking innocent does you no good when I've just seen you hanging from the screen. "
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Jilly, in the meantime, had skulked out and was happily spending some time with her best friend...
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... until it all went pear-shaped.
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If that last photo had sound, you'd hear Jilly growling... right before she ran off to hide.
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Kathy: Seraphinatoosha on August 14th, 2006 04:19 pm (UTC)
David from Stockwood had found a litter of kittens in his office parking lot years back. The ASPCA came and as he held Pinot behind his back he swore that they had them all. She too was with out her Mommy too soon and took much care at first.

D&D also have 2 Cats who were in the house long before Pinot. Pinot is the alpha cat now. Party because the other 2 were declawed and they never got around to having Pinot done.

Unfortunately she hasn't seemed to calm down all that much. I look at Zinda and see Pinot. The only big difference is that Pinot has white front toes and no patch on her chest. Both just melt my heart.