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17 July 2006 @ 10:57 am
The official word:


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I took her to the vet today. He said she looks like she's in good shape - no mites, no fleas that he can see, all signs normal. She's too young for the feline leukemia test, so I have to take her back in two weeks. In the meantime, I can start mixing solid food with her formula, giving her wormer once a week and looking very, VERY forward to the day she's ready to start using the litterbox.

She's a chatty one. She didn't shut up pretty much the entire time we were at the vet's office. Fortunately, everyone thought she was just adorable and forgave the running commentary.
Julietfair_juliet on July 17th, 2006 03:07 pm (UTC)
Oh Kel she's beautiful!! What are you going to name her?
Kelladyjoust on July 17th, 2006 03:11 pm (UTC)
Don and I have bandied a few names about, but so far nothing fits. To be honest, I wasn't really pushing that hard to name her until I new for certain she was a girl. Could have been embarassing: "Come here, Princess Sparklyknickers! There's a good boy!"
Ratesjul: Connectedratesjul on July 17th, 2006 05:34 pm (UTC)
Yes, but would you have called her "Princess Sparklyknickers" in any case? Methinks Isabeau and Jilly would be snickering at her anytime that name got mentioned!
Nimnimue9 on July 17th, 2006 07:11 pm (UTC)
...good call. I feel silly every time I say "Good girl, Angus Fang!" to a canine acquaintance of mine. ;0)
Artimis Lebeau: The Captainartimis_lebeau on July 17th, 2006 07:36 pm (UTC)
Her papers said "male".... So I did not bother to check...
Mirandamirmie on July 17th, 2006 07:20 pm (UTC)
When my mom was little they found a very tiny kitten that they were just sure was female, and named it Sabrina. Needless to say, it was not female, and they couldn't get used to calling it some boy name, so he spent his whole life named being called Sabrina.

I personally think that Princess Sparklyknickers could really be one of those names like Ashley or Jaime that can be a boy name or a girl name.
Vampcurse: Kitty Squeevampcurse on July 17th, 2006 03:16 pm (UTC)
So cute! I'm glad someone could take her...she was the one I would have taken. Her or the one that kept spitting...LOL! Did you see that one?! So funny!
Kelladyjoust on July 17th, 2006 03:32 pm (UTC)
Sadly, I never saw all three kitties as bill had to leave for work (and taking the other kittens to the shelter) before I got there; I had to choose over the phone. Ouch.

But then, I didn't have to deal with the heartbreaking moment of the three being separated for the first time. It made me weepy just thinking about it.
Vampcurse: Kitty Squeevampcurse on July 17th, 2006 03:36 pm (UTC)
Oh well that's probably better then! But they will get good homes for sure! :)
Kathy: Seraphinatoosha on July 17th, 2006 03:39 pm (UTC)
She is just too cute for words. I'm so happy for you that she is healthy.

Looking at the pictures made Dan start talking about the day he and I pick out a kitten together.
Mirandamirmie on July 17th, 2006 07:20 pm (UTC)
Oh so cute!
Anomolly: Glindabluenessmmd on July 17th, 2006 09:54 pm (UTC)
*continues to die*
Mari, she is SO ADORABLE!
Natalievoglia_di_notte on July 17th, 2006 10:11 pm (UTC)

She's adorable.
devyn410devyn410 on July 17th, 2006 10:28 pm (UTC)
How precious! Glad everything checks out.

As for a name...if I may be allowed to throw some into the ring...I have a tendency to name after mythology, and going on her color: Persephone, Morgan, Kali, Cerridwin, Onyx, Pandora, Helen...