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Yesterday, we got a phone call from the Squires; there were three kittens that, in the hullaballo surrounding the start of Faire and various folks on site, Momma Cat had ceased to care for. They were going to take them all to a shelter near one of the Squire's homes, but first called and asked if I wanted one of them. Said Squire was about to leave, so I had to decide quickly. Don and I had discussed the possibility of a third cat before, and decided that was a definite option. No more than three, though; that's the limit.

Obviously we said "Yes." We drove to the site in a miserable downpour and retrieved wee kitty. And she is wee. Eyes still blue, a bit wobblly on her feet, clearly not weaned. My vet's office is closed on weekends (the hell????), so off to PetSmart we went for Kitten Formula and bottle. After a bit of coaxing she began to nurse. She's only eating a little at each feeding, but then I'm not sure how much she should be taking in. I got her to pee twice; I'm hoping that means she's not dehydrated (at least not badly).

After each feeding and potty session, I give her an all-over bath with a warm, wet washcloth to mimic Momma Cat's tongue. Kitten looooves this, especially after the indignity (on both our parts) of my coaxing her bladder and bowels to release. So that's why I was up every three hours during the night. I got next to no sleep, and I have it all ahead of me again tonight. Yay! I do confess that the nightime feedings aren't just trying because she needs to squirm and mew for about ten minutes before she finally settles down to nurse; when I walk into the room, I'm terrified she won't be breathing. She's so tiny. I just want her to be okay.

I'll take her to the vet tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed and think happy, healthy thoughts for our little as-yet-unnamed girl!

The pics aren't the best quality, but she's awfully squirmy. This was her morning face:

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Knowing she'd be missing snuggling with her littermates, I thought she might like some beanie kitty company:

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