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I am a cooking machine.

Thursday is a late night for me, what with work and phototherapy and running with young_will, so I like to have something ready for dinner that I can just pop on/in the stove and have on the table within twenty minutes.

To that end, I came home from work today and started cooking. I made an enormous pot of veggie chili, an equally huge pot of brown rice, set another pan going to caramelize onions and yet another simmering lentils. The chili and some of the rice went into the refrigerator for tomorrow; the rest of the rice was mixed up with the lentils and the onions and spices for a side dish to the roasted salmon and zucchini I made for tonight's dinner.

Alas, all of this cooking meant I did not work out - only some crunches and stretching in between chopping and stirring and mixing, all with Doctor Who Confidential playing in the background. As to that: John Barrowman could not be any more adorable. Yeesh. Big handsome geek, that one.

hmmmm... must find Captain Jack icon posthaste.
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