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27 December 2003 @ 09:48 pm
this is why I love my husband  
Don and I celebrated our own Christmas, as is our custom, on the 26th. We meet up with his family on the 24th and mine on the 25th.So... on Friday, I got up early and went to the grocery store. I got home and basically told him "SHOO!"

He went off to run errands and buy the weekly comic books while I vacuumed and tidied and lit candles and chilled champagne...

Don came home in the afternoon. The tree was lit. Candles were burning in heavy iron stands all about the room. Emerald green flutes glimmered on the table. Shrimp and a cheese platter were placed, awaiting our attention.

I dressed in my new kitties-entangled-in-lights-and-ornaments flannel pjs (so romantic!)and my real-life kitties came out to sniff at their stocking (Sheba catfood and crinkly catnip snake). But here is the I Love My Husband bit. He really pays attention. I mentioned a few things, here and there, conversationally. Not really any big deal, or saying "Get me this!!!!!!"

He made me business cards. Designed them and all. Beautiful!He got me a Wendy Froud doll (replica, not one of the $5k originals)... so utterly gorgeous. And... this was amazing... he gave me a beautiful stoneware/resin carved plaque. Before I opened it, he said "I wanted to give you something to tell you how I see you." It's a circle, wherein there is a pentagram entwined with a crescent moon and gorgeous Celtic knotwork. About the edge reads: "I am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars."

I bawled. You know, I'm okay looking. Nothing brilliant. My husband thinks I'm beautiful. This floors me. I do love him so.