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on books and writing...

I just made a list for ratesjul, suggesting books she may want to consider purchasing. It was a joy. I love to share the books I love with others (which may explain rather heavy parcels to certain folk this season). It is a constant joy to find new books that inspire that desire, the ones that make me wish to rush up to anyone who might be willing to listen and jabber on endlessly about character and imagery and style.

The box o' advance reader copies is proving a treasure trove. Well - I'm two for two, and Pratchett is no surprise. A Hat Full of Sky, the sequel to Wee Free Men is every bit as smart and compelling. That man can write. He is by turns laugh-out-loud funny and *blink, blink!* insightful. For those who are familiar with his works, you get to see Granny Weatherwax from a rather different perspective. How wonderful! Airborn, by Kenneth Oppel, was the second of the books I've read. Nicely done, that, though now whenever I see/read of/hear of zeppelins I immediately think of Chant. I intend to foist this book off on him, whether he will or no. Hey, anything that involves airship pirates is worth a read!

As for writing... ugh. I need to take a second look at this year's NaNovel. I did just reread a bit of 2003's attempt, and it doesn't utterly suck. Some of it is all right. I desperately hope the publisher thinks so. Just one more month, and I should know. *wince*

In the meantime, I need to write more. Chant mentioned collaborating with me on a topscotch story. I just have to think of what superhero I want to write about. Maybe Jade; I rather like her. Or Zatanna... underused. Suggestions?
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