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22 December 2003 @ 04:48 pm
busy busy  
I had an early phototherapy appointment, following which I ran several errands and went grocery shopping.

Came home, cleaned the entire living room, part of the dining room, put away laundry, and made inroads into cleaning the bedroom until I ran the vacuum cleaner over a penny and smoke started to rise from the base. Oops! The problem is that the carpet is sort of penny-coloured. All other coins that may fall are easily spotted, but pennies... alas.

Made yet another batch of cinnamon-sugar cookies, decorated bags which I then filled with the cookies that I'm taking to work, made jingle-bell ornaments to adorn each bag and put together the remaining three dozen cookies for the wonderful staff at my dermatologist's office.

Off to rehearsal in about forty minutes. I haven't looked at my script all day.

Joyous Solstice, all!
I feel: pleasedpleased
I hear: 'A Winter's Garden'
Dev Singerdevrose on December 23rd, 2003 12:24 pm (UTC)
Eeeeeeeeee, good luck.