Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

nabbed from picoland

1 0 - F A C T S

height: 5'7"
hair color: brown with a whole lot of grey mixed in
hair length: too long at present
hair style: I do not know this word of which you speak
eye color: hazel/green
shoes size: 6 1/2 (freaky small for my height, or so says my dearest)
personality: a bit shy
style: see answer to 'hair style'
happy with yourself: usually

1 0 - L I F E

How's life? Overall, fine.
What's your mood right now? Creative (I've been writing)
What are you doing as we speak? This should be evident.
What did you do over the weekend? Performed at 'Save the Boobies' and took part in a Super Secret Project
What's something you look forward to in the future? WIZARD WORLD PHILADELPHIA! WOOOOOO! *is a geek*
What color is your life? All the colours of the forest
What is the theme song of your life? I don't rightly know
What is the goal of your life? To be a succesful novelist.
What makes your life worthwhile? My husband, my family, my friends
What is life? *points up*

1 0 - L O V E - L I F E

Have you ever been in love? Yes
Do you believe in love? Yes
Why did your last real relationship fail? Because he slept with a German Nanny. Oh, and lied about it. Oh, and broke my heart.
Have you ever had your heart broken? Clearly I jumped the gun on that last question. Yes. Yes, I have.
Have you ever broken someone's heart? Nope
Have you ever fallen for your best friend? Had an attraction to, but never acted on it, of course.
Are you planning on getting married? Already did. And he's cute!
Are you afraid of commitment? Used to be.

1 0 - R A N D O M S

One thing sitting next to you: kitty!!!!!
Something you miss: being sure of my writing
Do you like the color purple? Enough to joust in it.
Longest phone conversation: Not sure... two hours? I know it was with the other Kelley
What is your most prized possession(s)? My armour, I suppose.
Who is your closest relative? My mom
If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be? British Isles
What is your favorite gift that you have received? my iPony *pets*
What kind of food do you want right now? I just had a grilled turkey and swiss on multi-grain bread.
What band or singer do you most recommend? Great Big Sea. They make me happy.

1 0 - T H I S - O R - T H A T S

Pepsi or coke? Coke, diet
cd or radio? NPR rules. That is all.
Tommy boy or black sheep? Never saw either
Saturday or Sunday? Saturday
single or taken? Very much taken
colored or black and white? sepia toned
white shoes or black shoes? black boots
green day or good charlotte? Green Day.
phone or in person? in person; I'm not good at phone conversations
Apples or pears? Apples, with PB if possible

1 0 - F A V O R I T E S

car: any hybrid
TV show: Firefly
movie: A Little Princess
color: green
sport: not sure if my kind of Jousting is a sport...
Saying: *surprised face*
mall: ick
music genre: celtic and folk
poem: 'Instructions' by Neil Gaiman
book: It is bad enough I had to pick just one movie... picking at random from the many, I'll go with another Gaiman. 'The Sandman.' It does so count as a book!

1 0 - H A V E - Y O U - E V E R S

Have you ever been arrested? like I'd tell you?
Have you ever fought someone? only with choregraphy
Have you ever skinny dipped? once
Have you ever gone streaking? nope
Have you ever done something you regret? yes
Have you ever bungee jumped? no
Have you ever been on a house boat? no
Have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker? no
Have you ever wanted someone so bad it hurts? yes
Well, have you ever? You tell me first.

1 0 - L A S T S - P E R S O N - Y O U

Hugged? my husband
Talked to? my kitties
Touched? my husband.
Kissed? my husband
Slept over with? Ann, in the hotel last weekend
IMed? it has been ages, but I think it was caragana_leaves
Commented? screamingdolai at her community
Laughed at? myself
Bought something for? my husband and myself - do groceries count?
Saw? myself, in the mirror. I'm still recovering.
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