Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Netflix = &hearts

My most recent Netflix love goes out to Murderball. I'd heard about this when it first came out, but it was playing nowhere near me.

Netflixers, if you've not seen it, add it to your queue*. Non-'flixers, rent it at your local video store. It is never manipulative, never maudlin. I did get weepy** (but then, when don't I?), but I also laughed long and loud. A kick ass story, beautifully told.

*little known fact: until I was (embarassingly) too old to do so, I pronounced this something like "kweh-wee." Cut me some slack, though. No one calls it a 'queue' at the Wisconsin State Fair. You're standing in line for your freakin' cream puffs, blast it. Not ON line, mind you: IN line.

**SPOILERS if you care to be warned. What made me weep? Bob's dad after the US/Canada game at Athens killed me. I loved Bob. Then, the soldiers (Iraq war casualties) at Walter Reed hospital: they're babies, dammit!!!
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