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happy thoughts, if you have them to spare, please

Some of you know I had submitted my novel to a publisher, sort of through the side door. This was in the spring, and I've not heard back. I had planned to send my contact an email in January, saying "Thanks for offering to get it looked at, but I really want to start submitting it elsewhere so could you please return it to me?"

Skipping unimportant details: I just found out that it had been sitting on my contact's desk. Said contact apologized for the delay and informed me it was being given to an editor. I should hear one way or the other sometime in January.

While I want it to be a resounding "Where have you been? This is brilliant! Of course we want to publish your work!," I realize it very well may NOT be so. I am prepared for the latter. Even so...

Could you please send happy thoughts/good wishes/vibes of creativity and success my way. please?

eep. so nervous.
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