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14 January 2006 @ 11:06 pm
The folks bought a new iMac and promptly failed to set it up properly. Don tried to help over the phone to no avail, so it was CT Road Trip! today. For the record, my husband is a Fantastic son-in-law and all 'round Mac genius. He got the folks set up and ready to go, and was unfailingly patient with my tech eejit parents (I come by it honestly!).

We drove home in ceaseless rain and patches of fog. A side trip to the mall in Middletown yielded no purchase of a weight bench (though he has a much clearer idea of what he wants and what is out there) and, in light of the prospective trip to Argus Farms on the morrow, the purchase of a pair of black rubber wellie type boots for me. Twelve bucks. Sweet.

When we emerged from the mall, we found the rain had turned to sleet. By the time we hit Florida (NY, that is), the sleet had turned to snow.

Now, two hours later, the snow is three inches deep. *insert 'surprised face' here* I knew it was supposed to turn to snow, but honestly... this is ridiculous. Ooo... there goes the plow up my road, for the third time in the past two hours. I really need to try to make it to Jeanne's tomorrow. Snow or not, stalls need to be mucked and horses need to be fed and watered. But if this keeps up, I don't know. I don't have a four-wheel or an all-wheel drive. We shall see.

Now to my blazing fire and glass of wine and adorable Genius Best Son-in-Law husband. Oh, I love where I live!