September 2nd, 2016


Kitty Patrol

I love my kitties. My one-eyed Princess Emse of Adorable and my Night Fury/Mini Panther/Handsomest of Toms are charming and lovely and get along well enough that we don't worry about mutually assured destruction.

Since losing our beautiful senior girls (the engagement kitties) over the course of a year, we knew we'd eventually look for another cat to add to our family. Thing is, Handsome Tom is 1. kind of a jerk and 2. seriously territorial. He sprays if a stray cat so much as lingers outside the kitchen door. If we're taking in another kitty, it will probably need to be both female and on the younger end of the age range. Rough for me, since I want to adopt the one who's been there the longest, who is the 'problem child.' Still, I can work with this.

Only... I was at PetSmart this week, and there was a lanky black tomcat. Sort of offset and awkward. Missing an entire ear. I know this would be a terrible idea. I KNOW IT. But I've never forgotten my desire to build an army of irregular kitties: missing limbs, tails, eyes, ears, moxie. This could be my moment.

But Handsome Tom would rebel. Our lives would be naught but clean-up and mediation. This is not, after all, my moment. It's waiting, though. It's nigh. Soon, there will be kitty.