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feeling rather efficient

So today's 'movie to wrap gifts to' was Bend it Like Beckham. Most delightful. I wrapped all of Mom's stocking stuffers (I'm in charge of purchasing and wrapping, since Dad really can't do all that much) and all the gifts for three of the six parcels I will be sending.

Since Don had gone out to get snow tires on the car, I decided to walk into town. "International parcels first!" was my thought, and so I put them in two shopping bags and set off for town. It was chilly but pleasant, and not more than a half a mile each way. No big deal. Anyway, I was about halfway there when I thought, "Hmmm. Wonder what time the P.O. closes on Saturdays?" Fortunately, it was well after my arrival. There was a considerable line (ten people- impressive for a small town post office). I skipped aside, filled out the customs forms, and got onto the end of the line behind an older woman who spent several minutes complaining about the staffing and the service. The line inched along. When I finally got past the door (the line had looped past it, further into the wee lobby), a woman about my age came in. She leaned back against the glass door, waiting her turn. Several minutes later, I could see someone approaching said door. So could the four people flanking me. I called to the leaning woman "Watch your back!" She moved, smiled and thanked me. Odd, I thought, that I was the only one to say anything, but... hey. Others could have been woolgathering. Two minutes after THAT, a man came to the door LADEN with parcels; from waist level, they towered over his head. I actually waited for a moment, just to see if anyone else would move... as they did not, I stepped forward to open the door for him. 'C'mon, folks!' I thought. 'Is consideration for others so very difficult?'

When I finally reached the counter, I proudly set forth the two packages and the customs slips. "Oh," said the postal worker, "you need to fill out different forms, due to the weight of the boxes." I felt like such a tool. Of course, I'd had no idea, but still... I filled them out at lightning speed, so as not to hold up the line further. I did make sure to ask whether the boxes would arrive by Christmas, and....

prognosis is good! So, Erin and Ratis, you may well have your Yule parcels round about that time!

The other ones are going out Monday. Really. And hopefully my fellow post office patrons will be in better seasonal cheer.
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