September 7th, 2010

biting kitty

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At the foot of the bed, we have a square of grey material that is supposed to be all manner of magical and enticing to kitties. It holds their body heat, I think, or administers surreptitious belly rubs, or sends soothing brainwaves. Whatever the case, Handsome Tom has claimed it as his own. He loves it. He loves it to bits. Seriously. We've had to replace it twice, now. While he enjoys curling up upon it, he is equally fond of attacking it, wrapping all four legs around and ripping clumps away with his impressive tom cat teeth.

The other day, he found a new way to express his delight. He leapt up on the bed, stuck his enormous head beneath the magical grey square, and curled up beneath it.

Never mind it was one of the hottest days of the summer. Under the kitty bed Tom wanted to be, so under the kitty bed he went. He watched me take pictures for all of thirty seconds...


... then stretched out and got down to some serious sleeping.


He may pester the old ladies. He may puke in the most inappropriate places at four in the morning. But he gives me this sweet, sleepy face, and all is forgiven.


I am such an easy mark.