March 26th, 2009

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Yesterday, I covered Angela’s 6:15. Now, I always do my best to be there fifteen minutes before the start of class. You never know when you’re going to have a last minute orientation, or someone may want to start warming up early, or the computer may need to be rebooted and that takes a good ten minutes. I kid you not. So, thought I, It takes me about ten minutes, tops, to get there. If I leave at five past six, that should be just about right.

Do you see the flaw? I didn’t. Obviously. My brain is so completely scrambled (I blame sheet rock and old insulation; my theory is that it entered my lungs in dust form and then traveled to my brain where it’s reverting back to it’s original state. entire sections of my brain have been partitioned off, and I seriously doubt it’s been done to Code) I can’t even do simple math. Or tell time. About five minutes before six, I realized my mistake, grabbed my car keys and bolted from the house. I got to the gym at 6:04. Not too bad, right? Only I’d left my water and my towel and my gloves at home.

Not my finest hour. A couple of people said after that it was a particularly good class, though, so maybe panic and confusion are inspirational.

I came home to a message from Don that he was going to be late. Again. Boo. With HT's ‘help' I brought the microwave upstairs and heated up a Kashi frozen dinner. The instructions demanded I stir the dish halfway through the cooking time. Who am I to question their methods? Stir I did, but as the pasta finished heating, I noticed my plastic fork only had three tines where once there had been four. Had I been a bit more alert, awake and aware, I might have noticed whether this was the case BEFORE I stirred, or whether it was the stirring that had brought the present lack of tine to pass.

Needless to say, I ate very carefully. If the tine was in there, it softened to the consistency of the yellow squash, and was, presumably, quite tasty. I’m sticking with leftover Chinese food tonight. Unless my chopsticks splinter, I should be all right.

Dinner and a bubble bath and, hopefully, the latest installment in Kitchen! The Musical Transmogrification.

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Fair warning: I may play a bit fast and loose with chronology. There’s no design, there. I’m just mad tired and my brain isn’t all that keen at the best of times. Also, this post is brought to you by parentheses. Use them wisely, use them sparingly. In other words: don’t be like me.

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