March 18th, 2009

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tales of a sad little kitchen

My living room is filled with cabinets. It's as if Ionesco took over the remodel of my kitchen. In addition to the boxes and boxes of cabinetry, there's an OTR microwave and a dishwasher* tucked into the corner. Esme is curled up on the latter, completely unperturbed by the dramatically different interior landscape. Tom has been to the top of the double stacked boxes several times. The older girls remain in hiding, though that's clearly due to HT.

Work starts Monday. I suppose I ought to finish packing up the non-essentials. And take 'before' pictures. Oh, crap - and buy (or, possibly, order) a new ceiling fan.

*This Monday past, we realized that we'd not yet ordered our new appliances. We sort of need them before we can really get under way with the brunt of the work, especially since the plumber and the electrician will be involved. I toddled off to Lowe's and, despite having to wait about fifteen minutes for the sole salesperson in the appliances department, was able to make my selections and place my order with ease. He set up my delivery (I could've had next day!!! but my work schedule ruled that out) for this morning, and - after I'd already left the store - called to apologize; he'd forgotten to give me a rebate form for my delivery fee and it was waiting at the desk. And the delivery guy was here first thing this morning, and was absolutely lovely. Thanks, Lowe's!
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So. Question: have any of you ever had acupuncture? If so, was it successful? Even a little painful?

If you've not, but have heard tell of those who have undergone the procedure, please do share.
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