January 21st, 2005

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There's a scene in 'On the Banks of Plum Creek' where Ma and Pa are away. Laura, Mary and Carrie (I don't recall if Grace was around yet - anyone?) realize a blizzard is coming. They recall a story wherein several pioneer children, having no firewood to hand, burned all of the furniture. When that was consumed, the fire died out and they froze to death. Laura and sisters have no wish to meet such an end. So, as the snow begins to fly, they move the entire woodpile into the house.

Laura Ingalls? You're an amateur!

Okay, it's not the ENTIRE woodpile, but it is pretty impressive. I also split a crazy amount of kindling. There is more kindling in the kindling box than you can shake a stick at. I know. I tried. And thanks to my woodchopping, I had plenty of sticks to choose from.

I also have fixings for veggie chili (which I've been meaning to make for days, now), white bean and veggie soup, chicken and dumplings and pot roast. There's stuff for salad. There are two loaves of whole grain Italian bread. I've a huge container of lentil soup in the freezer.

There are stacks of comic books to be reread. There's beer and wine and cuddly blankets.

If it doesn't snow, I'm going to be sad.

::note:: edited because I had the wrong 'Little House' title. d'oh! And might I say that ratesjul is the goods?
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