December 29th, 2004

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So, as you may have gathered from my earlier "my pupils are HUGE!" post, I returned to the eye doctor today. I picked up my glasses, and they make me look even dorkier than usual, but I rather like them. Can't wait to post pics for y'all! (memo to self: take said pics)

Anyway, Eye Doc took me to one of the rooms to administer the drops. "This might burn a bit," he warned, and yeah - it sure did. I asked how long it would take for the whole dilation thing to wear off. "Two or three weeks," he said. "Ha. Ha, ha." said I. Off I trotted to wait for my pupils to grow freakishly large. When at last they were what I decided to call anime-huge, I went back into the office.

"A bit blurry?" he asked.


"To think that women in medieval times used to do this for beauty!"

"They did?" I was, for some reason, delighted. "What did they use?"

"Belladonna blah blah blah" (well, that's what I heard!)

"Hey, they used to shave off their eyebrows, too."

"Can you imagine? A bunch of women walking around, eyebrowless with huge pupils?" Have I mentioned I really like this doc?

Anyway, Eye Doc strapped on the miner's lamp, picked up a Tok'ra eye examining device (okay, probably just a magnifier of some sort) and examined me thoroughly. Then, it was on to the strap-you-head-in crazy-bright-light portion of the exam, with a smaller magnifire. When he was done peering, he had this to report. "Well, you have a couple of holes in your retina."

Um... WHAT???????????????

Which was pretty much what I said, especially as he'd informed me in a very casual manner. Turns out they're old holes (at the very least, six months... hmmm - anyone remember me taking a lance to the face? and the subsequent black eye? any thoughts, here?), possibly more. He didn't seem too worried. "Tell me if you start seeing flashing lights."

So there you have it. My left retina looks like Sam's brain after his Quantum Leap, my pupils are the size of Sailor Moon's and I have glasses that make me look like a librarian who will seriously shush you.

What's going on with you?
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