December 21st, 2004

serious Oracle

This is my month!

For your consideration, yet another happy bookseller story.

Work was completely mad today. Most people were quite nice, but the pace was still wacky. I'd just helped someone in the kids' department and was doing my usual sweep past teen fiction (I'm always ready to foist my favorites off on the unsuspecting!). A woman stopped me. "You helped me this past summer," she said. "I was buying a book for my daughter, and you told me the author (Meg Cabot) was going to be here."

She went on to say her daughter and a friend attended the event, and her daughter showed Meg some of her poetry. Since then, they've kept in touch, and email each other frequently. "It was the best thing that ever happened to her," her mom said, "and it is because of you." She gave me a huge hug, thanked me again, and I went into the back to be sappy-weepy-period-girl.

Even had the rest of the day sucked, that would have been enough.

As it was, I sold 'Bellwether' AND Amelia Peabody books, as well as 'The Secret Country' and 'The Goose Girl.' Happy all round.
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