November 26th, 2004

serious Oracle

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My lj was down this morning. It wouldn't let me log in (or rather it would, but then showed me no information), would not let me view friends journals and would not let me in on some of the places I tried to find aid in troubleshooting, citing 'sickly cookies.' No, wait... 'invalid cookies.' Logical girl that I am, I figured that somehow my entire account had been deleted. Or that someone had hijacked my password and locked me out. You know, exceedingly plausible possibilities.

I knew there was maintenance being done, but according to the notice, that would only result in some journals being 'read only' for a few minutes. Clearly not the problem I was having. I managed to post a question. Then I was able to see that page of questions, and noticed dozens of similar problems.

While it was slightly less likely than someone having assumed my lj identity for indeterminate nefarious purposes, I had to allow that it was, perhaps, possible that there was a problem with the site after all. And lo, I just got an e-mail to that end. It was a cluster thing. Sounds slightly dirty to me, but hey. It's all about the love.

In other news, I am, at present, 7k behind on my NaNovel.
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serious Oracle

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Yet another reason why I love my husband. My office is very chilly, so I'm writing while wearing fingerless black gloves and a plaid woolen shawl. My husband has been calling me 'Jo in the garret.'

Yeah. Love him.
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