November 24th, 2004

serious Oracle

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Hello, brain. Or muse. Whoever is in charge at the moment.

While I'm mightily fond of you, (and this does hold true for both possible sources), WHAT GIVES? 28k in and you decide that this new tidbit just might be an important plot point? Come on. I'm so far behind right now, the last thing I need is another complication. What makes this suck even more is this is, ultimately, a good complication. It actually adds a level to the idea of magic that I'm using that makes it a lot more interesting. Gives it history, which is kind of cool.

But still. I'm so far behind on my word count. Can't you just let this be completely sucky? 'Cause that would just fill the pages soooo much more quickly. Truly.

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serious Oracle

NaNo creeps on

Hello again, brain. Or muse. You know the drill.

I've reconciled myself to the last plot point you threw at me. Honestly, it works out pretty well. I even discovered something today that, to my surprise and delight, supported that point. It was a gift. It was lovely.

What I must ask you is this: why, oh why have you thrown a new character at me? Not only that, but a character in the past? Don't you realize this means I have to find a way to weave (or at least seed) the rest of her story - and I'm sure you'll let me know just what that is! - throughout what I've already written?

I'm not complaining. Not really. It's only that there are only five more days, and I'm at 31k. I'm just saying.
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