November 21st, 2004

serious Oracle

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A few things:

1. I'd forgotten how much I really, really like Disney's 'Atlantis.' The design is just gorgeous (thank you Mike Mignola, artistic god that you are!). I love that the hero is a geeky guy in wire rimmed glasses. Yeah, yeah, I've a thing for that. But even so...

And I'd never noticed that there are Stargate similarities aplenty.

2. Kitty curled before the woodstove=unbearably cute

3. I need to learn to make icons. I guess that means I need to learn Photoshop. Or something very like.

4. There are not enough hours in the day.

5. I want a horse. Not that I don't love my Oso, but he's not really mine. And he's no young 'un. I want a young, smart and willing joust horse. Basically, I want a horse like Shadow. She loved jousting. That girl was something to behold, and reallyreally something to ride. Wow, but she was fun.

That is all.
serious Oracle

(no subject)

I fell in feline-love today.

I went to the farm where the joust horses winter to help clean out stalls and groom. While there, I saw the most beautiful kitten. It was black with white paws and bib, and had brilliant blue eyes. And it was extra snuggly.

I damned near smuggled it home.