November 19th, 2004

serious Oracle

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Work was just plain crappy yesterday. It ought not to have been. I was in the kids' department, after all. But for the first hour it was JUST me, and then I was joined by one other person.

AND there was an in-store book faire for a local school. And we did two storytimes for them. And, at any moment, there were kids running/tantruming/shouting/screaming/crying. And most parents chatted with one another while this was going on.

Good thing I had a better night. It cheered me immensely

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I bounced back to the subway and headed uptown. I made it to the Bull Moose with twenty minutes to spare. We had our meeting, which went on way to long, even though Robin and I kept trying to pull us back to the subject at hand. Got home at midnight. Still bouncing.
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serious Oracle

Oy, cretey!!!!!!!

Okay... just wanted you to know I saw an ep of SG-1 that was briskly paced, fun, great dialogue (especially the really character specific stuff) and had some real depth to it.

M.S. as Daniel Jackson= swooning and joy. Sez I.

It occurs to me I desperately need a Daniel Jackson icon. In the meantime, I shall settle for Crichton.