November 15th, 2004

serious Oracle

NaNo news

Well, I'm at 17k. I've found Sophy's voice. She's a bit chatty, which is fine.

If only I weren't 7k behind. If only I had a vague idea what happens next.

I suppose I shall find out tomorrow!
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serious Oracle

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First of all, BUCEPHALUS.

Stoopid brain. I sat there for fifteen minutes, unable to recall that simple name. Then, when at last I caved and sat down to bring up Google, into my brain it sprang.

Secondly, perhaps a girl with a terribly vivid imagination and an office with lots of windows and no curtains should not be researching Dudleytown on a dark autumn night. Just a thought. ::shudder::

And, just as an aside... growing up in a small town in New England, I thought Dudleytown was just a wee bit of local lore. Certainly, my town library had next to nothing when I tried to look it up while in high school. Apparently... not so much. LOTS of stuff out there. Who knew? Other than everyone but me, that is.
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