November 8th, 2004

serious Oracle


What is with my Scottish jones? I've been listening to Old Blind Dogs, Battlefield Band and Wolfstone pretty much exclusively for the past two days. Granted, happy fantastic musicianship and thoroughly nice male voices, but still...

This does remind me that Don really needs another Utilikilt. 'Cause they're just silly sexy.

By the way, you can add Capercaillie to the list above. Karen Matheson's voice is simply gorgeous.
serious Oracle

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Gah. GAH!!!

Okay. Things have changed in my little corner of NaNo. Thing is, do I go back and rework, thus making it a better story, or continue on with the knowledge that it will need to be reworked? If that is the case, I need to erect barriers between what I write and what I've done heretofore - the literary equivalent of 'Police Line, Do Not Cross' tape.

And how the hell did one of my characters become Escobio? (only NYRF folk will get this; apologies)

I think I'm going to accept I'll fall behind on word count, but will write up notes in a separate document. I can write 15k next weekend, if need be. Right?

Frelling straight, I can.
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