November 3rd, 2004

serious Oracle

In the aftermath...

I am exhausted. I am worried. I am frustrated and sad.

I need some time to feel this way. Then, watch me get my mad on. I will be more politically active. For too long, I really felt that it was no big deal, that nothing I did mattered anyway, just a drop in the bucket. Frell that. I'm going to be a well-informed, very noisy drop. So there.

Dammit. I let myself imagine a Kerry presidency. RFK could have been head of the EPA. Gah!!!!!!
serious Oracle

Lest I be all gloom and doom

Some things that make me very happy, indeed (some sappiness ahead):

My white bean/veggie soup. It is yummy in the extreme.

My local grocery store carries whole-grain Italian bread. Brill!

The Daily Show.

Old Blind Dogs. I only have one of their CDs, and somehow that became my NaNo music. Must get more! (note to self: Battlefield Band is an acceptable substitution)

NaNoWriMo. Yes, I'm already behind. I'll catch up. In the meantime, I'm going to have FUN with this. I need to accept that it may well be utter dren. If I end up writing cheesy, formulaic romance (which is about a million miles from my original intent), so be it.

Autumn. In particular, autumn in my new neck o' the woods. My, but it is glorious here!

Neil Gaiman's Fiddler's Green. Don't know why I'm thinking of that character, but there you have it.

The first two seasons of 'Due South.'

Blank books.

Terry Pratchett. Robin McKinley. Connie Willis. Oh so many authors who entertain and inspire me.