October 20th, 2004

serious Oracle


I am not completely inept, physically speaking. While I'm no J.L., I do have a certain amount of physical aptitude. I learn fights quickly, and (I think) well. Save for strength issues, I picked up jousting and tiltyard games rather easily. I can learn dances (nothing insanely hard, mind).

That being said, I can NOT split firewood worth a damn. Truly. Ok, ok, this is the first time I've attempted it, and that axe is a bit rusty, but still.. Don managed just fine. It was frelling slapstick when I gave it a go. Oh, I didn't give up. It took me a good long while, but I split several logs and then chopped three more into kindling. But it wasn't pretty. Not in the slightest. I actually looked around a few times to be certain that no one was watching. I think a few deer may have crept up in the woods. I swear I heard muffled laughter.

Now I'm grumpy and determined. I will get this, dammit. I will be independent mountain-type-woman.

I just know I'm going to dream of Larry tonight: chopping wood at my campsite at Faire. Effortlessly. Fluidly. Gah.

In other news, I'm going to start the fire in the woodstove before Don gets home. Mostly so he won't see my pathetic attempt to do so. Who knows? Maybe I used up my 'dumbass' allotment on the woodchopping, and my fire kindling skills will prove excellent.
serious Oracle

Fire Watch

I got the kindling going, after a fashion. I'm now adding wood to the fire... smaller pieces, of course. Hope I don't smother it.

Dinner is coming along swimmingly though, so the house may be chilly, but we shall eat like kings!
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