October 15th, 2004

serious Oracle

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Immediately upon D. coming to pick me up, the rain began to fall. Heavily. So, no riding today. We went to Faire and grabbed tack anyway, so that he could ride tomorrow. THEN he and Nick declared I would be riding with them tomorrow morning at eight. Fine. Frell sleeping in, I'd get to ride my Oso.

Well, D. called not half an hour past. He can't ride tomorrow morning, as it turns out.


But in happier news, I went hiking today. It was beyond beautiful. Turns out a chill, grey day in mid-October is a fine time to hit the woods, as you'll have little company. I saw no one from the moment I parked until the moment I returned to my car an hour and a half later (then I saw a park ranger). The path I chose (okay, the first one I saw; there were no trail maps to be had) is part of the Appalachian Trail. I hiked out about 45 minutes. It was a really easy hike, but beautiful. On the way back, a heavy mist settled over everything. It was a little creepy - deliciously so! - that it was so gloomy at two in the afternoon.

I've missed being alone in the woods. I've missed rambling about, letting my mind wander. Bits of story pop up. Characters speak. Images burn themselves into my brain. You know, I was a much more prolific writer when I hiked regularly. Not sure why that solitude fosters creativity, but there you have it.